Australian Startups Carnival 2008

Vishal Sharma, a friend from Melbourne, informs me that he is running a Australian Startups Carnival 2008 online.  This is what he says about the carnival.

This is to inform and give some heads up on Australian Startups Carnival 2008 starting on March 3-17 2,008.

Registration is open – Feb 11 -24, 2008

Australian Startups Carnival 2008 is an initiative by VS Consulting Group. This online (web based) carnival is all about learning new ventures started/surfaced in IT, Telecoms, Green Tech, Media in the last couple of years. Vishal covered the sate of web2.0 startups in 2006 for Readwriteweb. But since then lot of water has gone under. We are now expanding our coverage, as some great ideas are being put together and executed. We intend to discover people behind these startups, their motivations, how future looks from their perspective, what technologies are being used, what market segments they are targeting, their mistakes, their advise and more.

Details are available on site as well –

If you are running a start-up or you know anybody, do check out the link.


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