On Vacation: Visiting India

It’s been 2.5 years since I arrived in Australia and now at last I am going back to visit my beloved country. It has been a fantastic experience in Australia. Now, I need to go back and witness the rapid growth which India is experiencing first hand.

I will be reaching India on Oct 15th and staying for 6 weeks. If anybody wishes to catch up, I will be in the city of Hyderabad and will travel to other cities in November. Please e-mail me or leave a blog comment.

I am not sure if I can blog at all while on vacation but if something interesting comes up and I find the time I will share it here.

Have fun!


One thought on “On Vacation: Visiting India

  1. Hi Suhit,

    All the best with your trip to India. Hope you will have a great vacation and come back recharged! When you come back I like to see some blog posts on what differences you noticed and how they will effect the present day India and future India.

    शुभ यात्रा (Śubh yātrā)
    Selamat jalan!

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