New Ventures India Investor Forum

Opportunities in India are growing and New Ventures India is conducting a Investor Forum in Mumbai on 16–17 November 2007 for Sustainability investments.

The New Ventures India Investor Forum is India’s premier event focusing on sustainable investment opportunities in sectors such as: Clean Technologies, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Green Building Materials, Water Technologies, Eco-tourism and Socially Responsible sectors.

This event will showcase business opportunities in:

1. Green products & technologies

2. Socially responsible businesses with high returns

3. Innovative business models in the sustainability space

At the Investor Forum you will have the opportunities:

1. To know market trends in energy & clean technology, innovative ways of doing business latest opportunities to maximize your profits.

2. To meet Indian & global investors, international experts on sustainable investments and Indian Green SMEs.

3. To engage in interesting, cutting-edge discussions on sustainable business with investors and other entrepreneurs in the sustainability space.

The New Ventures India Investor Forum is an opportunity for Sustainable SMEs to interact with Venture Capitalists, Banks and Financial Institutions and know more about the growing green investment opportunities in India.

I have interacted with the team in New Ventures India and considering that I will be in India during that time, I may be able to attend it.


2 thoughts on “New Ventures India Investor Forum

  1. I am interested to know more about this concept called ‘GREEN’. I would like to know concerns of green. How do I educate my customer more on using a green product or atleast using a Green conscious company’s product.

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