Carnival of the Green # 97

This week I have the opportunity to host the Carnival of the Green. This is a weekly event which captures the ideas that the green blogosphere has to offer. For more, check this initial post at Tree Hugger.

Last week’s Carnival was hosted at Karavans and next week’s carnival (October 8th) is at Planet on a Plate.

For this week, here are the submissions.

Sara Goldstein writes about “How to choose better-quality clothes” at The Bargain Queen on Fashion and Beauty. She says, “As long as public nudity is outlawed, we all have to buy clothes. Here’s some tips on Reducing the amount of clothing you need, by buying better-quality things that will last way longer.”

GP at Fishcreekhouse submits a post on Yellowstone going Green by Horsewomen. Here she explains the work of Xanterra, a company in the United States which took over ownership of of hotels and restaurants in many state and national parks and its drive towards sustainability.

Julie Dunlap reviews the book Nature’s Engraver: A Life of Thomas Bewick which chronicles the life of Thomas Bewick who “elevated the craft of wood engraving to a fine art”.

Jimmy Atkinson presents How to Get a Green Education | OEDb posted at OEDb: Online Education Database. Atkinson talks about the “green state of mind” and suggests that “one solution to how to achieve a green education is to focus on educational sources that focus on the environment and social constructs within that environment.”

Beth Terry presents Wait! Are you sure that’s recyclable? at the Fake Plastic Fish. Beth talks about the do’s and dont’s of household recycling. A good pointer to help your council but do keep in mind that these “do’s and dont’s” change from council to council. So check with your council before you do the right thing.

Mel Rimmer writes about Green Cleaning at Bean Sprouts. Rimmer says, “The internet has lots of pages of green cleaning tips, but many of them are confused and the tips don’t work. This blog entry helps you sort the good ones from the rubbish.”

HairySwede informs that Stockholm Rated the Most Livable City in the World at A Swedish American in Sweden. In a world of urbanization, the greening of cities are paramount.

Mike crunches the sales data on the Prius at Hybrid Car Review. Prius is fast picking up and “1 in 10 cars sold by Toyota in the US is a Prius”. Mike questions that “When 2 out of every 100 cars being sold in the US is a Prius, can you really call hybrids a niche?”.

Ali Kriscenski explains with a lot of images the SIEEB Solar Energy-Efficient Building in Beijing at Inhabitat. Ali says that this building is “Designed to maximize passive solar capabilities and fitted with state-of-the-art active solar elements, the SIEEB is a dynamic energy-efficient oasis that optimizes its urban location with ecological considerations.”

John discusses the recent Climate Change meeting of 16 nations’ Climate Change Leadership at A DC Birding Blog. He suggests that “Bush’s intervention in this week’s talks at the U.N. is likely to waste the time of leaders who actually want to accomplish some concrete results to stem climate change.”

eltiorob presents Helpful sites to encourage eating seasonal, local foods posted at At Home | Living from MORE TH>N.

Holly Ord presents Hippie posted at Menstrual Poetry. She talks about the “natural alternatives to disposables”.

Leon Gettler presents The challenges of going green posted at Sox First. Leon questions: “How do you make companies and countries go green? the fundamental issue is coming up with a scheme that will provide incentives for the developing world to cut emissions. It’s all very well for the developed nations to talk about emissions reductions but in places like China and India it’s a different story altogether.”

Corbett Kroehler writes about how Hurricanes Can Have Positive Results at Corbett Kroehler Keyboard Culture Global Warming. Corbett details the example of building a next-generation home with so much environmental sensitivity that they call it the American Standard Green Envirohome.

Jon provides an invitation to Green Festival – Save the Environment at The DC Traveler – Washington DC travel & tourism information.

That’s the Carnival for this week. I have enjoyed presenting it and I hope you have enjoyed reading it.

If you want to make a submission to the next Carnival at Planet on a Plate or want to host one yourself; check out the details at Tree Hugger.


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