India’s infrastructure problems

The example below is the best example of the growing infrastructure problems plaguing the country and which could halt the 9%+ growth it has been enjoying for sometime now.

If bijli (electricity) and sadak (roads) are the new buzzwords in the Indian economy, nothing
better illustrates the long road ahead than a short stretch in Kasara
Ghat on National Highway 3 between Mumbai and Nashik. Here, sadak
stands in the way of bijli: for three months, a 200-wheel trailer
carrying critical components of the most advanced turbine for an Indian
power plant is stuck here because the road wasn’t upgraded and so
couldn’t take the load.

The result: National Thermal Power Corporation’s 1980 MW power plant in
Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, for which this turbine was imported, cannot be
completed on time. And, of course, the stuck trailer has set off a
daily traffic nightmare.

Most of the problems are due to neglect, lack of planning and the huge red tape.


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