Sugar coated fuel to be mandatory in India

The Mint reports that the Indian government is suggesting mandatory 10% ethanol mixed petrol.

In a significant move to deal with a massive oversupply of sugar that
could also give a major boost to environment-friendly fuel, a group of
ministers (GoM), headed by external affairs minister Pranab Mukherjee,
has recommended that India adopt a mandatory blending of 10% ethanol
with petrol to run motor vehicles.
India is the world’s second largest producer of sugar, behind Brazil,
and the largest grower of sugar cane. Ethanol is produced from the
fermentation of sugars such as corn, sugar cane, grains and beet. In
India, ethanol is mostly made from rectified spirit which, in turn,
comes from molasses—a by-product in sugar manufacturing. Molasses
comprise around 45-50% of total sugar production.

This is an interesting development. I use 10% ethanol-blend petrol for my car in Australia which is derived from sugar. Interestingly, the cost is less than normal petrol and has a higher octane content.


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