Black Swan Moment

Can you prepare for a Black Swan? In one sense, no, at least not specifically; that’s the whole point. But you can, at a minimum, consider the degree to which your actions and procedures concerning damn near everything, and likewise those of your organizations, rest on assumptions of continuity. (Hint: They do.) Of course China is a “shock to the system”—but, in fact, it has taken and will take decades for its impact to unfold. I’m talking about the events of a day or a week that could unravel a life’s work—or make you president of the U.S.A.

Your life most probably will be made or unmade by the arrival by one, two, or three Black Swans.

Tom Peters

One such Black Swan moment for me was the short time I spent with Atanu Dey and Rajesh Jain at Deeshaa.


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