Leadership and Sustainability

Anna Clark in her column at GreenBiz.com writes about the importance of leadership in general and more specifically its role in the sustainability agenda.

How do we quantify and articulate the real value of leadership, particularly to people who don’t see themselves as leaders? Yet, it is going to take just that in order to create enough momentum and engage enough people to achieve a sustainable future.

Leadership is that mysterious, enigmatic ability that enables one to turn a vision into a reality by engaging other people. You can’t “do” leadership. Leading is more a state of being that permeates your values, your approach and your actions.

Leadership is invaluable in implementing green business initiatives. Whether you are a CEO, a manager, a small business owner or a community organizer, your ability to lead will determine the success of your sustainability strategy. As much as sustainability is a sign of leadership in your industry, leading is a key driver of sustainability within your organization.


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