13 Socially Responsible Careers in Finance

In Green jobs with Growth potential; I wrote that; “Makower has some good advice. It is important to gain a skill and then have a green tinge to it and not get pigeonholed into a environmental division… In that sense, environmental divisions will become redundant. The environmental lens will become part of the other lenses used by executives.”

Now ‘The forex blog has more on how to green (environmental and social aspects) your financial career:

If you’re interested in a financial career, you might be curious about how your interests can lead to reconciliation between your job and your belief system…Social finance means that financial instruments are used to promote social goals. Financial instruments used to accomplish these goals include credit, savings, investments, and loans, among other devices.


Social finance careers have expanded to the point where you can attend a school in London that focuses solely on social entrepreneurship. Whether your interests lie in a nonprofit or for profit participation in this specialized industry, you might wonder where your opportunities lie. Some social finance positions might include:

Community Investor: The community investor works with other individuals to gather, oversee, and direct capital to community investment opportunities in local or regional areas or abroad.

Micro-Financier:This individual seeks to provide impoverished individuals or communities with the means to invest or borrow money for business or community development.

Nonprofit Sector: The nonprofit sector is also the most diverse when it comes to opportunities. While some individuals are content to volunteer for nonprofit efforts, you can also seek a career as an executive or work as a freelance grant writer or project coordinator.

Social Entrepreneur: Unlike venture capitalists, social entrepreneurs provide innovative solutions to difficult social problems usually without seeking personal profit.


If you want to incorporate a social angle to your career objective, you will also need to expand your skills and experience through education and work. You can expect to gain the following:

Interdisciplinary Skills:You can also focus on technological, environmental, or leadership facets to social financial careers. Your interdisciplinary needs will depend upon whether you want to focus more on social or financial aspects within this field.

Leadership Opportunities: Social financing is a means to create innovative ways to improve social environments, and this field needs creative leaders who can take the initiative in many situations.

Flexibility: Careers in social financing currently may be definitive or broad and fairly undefined. You many find a way to travel the globe, or you may seek a situation where you’re alone and surrounded by books and archival materials.

Global Knowledge: Even if you end up in a back office surrounded by social financing accounting books, you will learn much about how people live in other communities around the world


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