Daniel Quinn on “Environmentalist”

EcoGeek: In many of your books, you tackle the subjects of sustainability and the environment, but from a perspective that may seem odd to many environmentalists. It seems you are not the typical “tree hugger”…

Daniel Quinn: I don’t consider myself an environmentalist. I feel that the category itself is badly conceived, dividing the world into people who are “for the environment” and people who are “for people,” which is nonsense. Thus it came to be seen that “environmentalists” were “for” the spotted owl, while non-environmentalists were seen to be “for” forestry jobs that would be lost by saving the spotted owl. The term “environmentalism” emphasizes a false division between “us” and “it” — “it” being the environment. There is no “it” out there. We are all in this together. There are no two sides. We cannot survive as a species somehow separate from the rest of the living community.

Source: EcoGeek of the Week: Daniel Quinn


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