Marc Gunther profiles the sustainability consultants GreenOrder who work with Fortune 500 companies creating business value from a sustainability point of view.

GreenOrder works with GE, GM (Charts, Fortune 500) and BP (Charts). New clients call all the time. That’s a sign, according to Andrew Shapiro, the firm’s 39-year-old founder, that sustainability is on its way to becoming “a core part of how businesses think about everything
they do.”

“This green revolution today is as transformative as the digital revolution was 10 years ago,” Shapiro says. “That’s the opportunity that lies in front of us.”


“Now it’s really about growing the top line,” Shapiro says. “How do you create the next Toyota Prius? How do you create the next Whole Foods? Look at our clients. They’re so diverse. That tells you something.”

Green business guru Joel Makower, a publisher, writer and consultant who has worked with GreenOrder, says: “What’s helped GreenOrder succeed is that they’ve helped companies understand this is about creating business value, not simply being less bad.”


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