The Net Waste Method reports:

Mike Watson, Head of Construction at WRAP, explains:

“As a result of its appearance in public policy documents such as Defra’s Waste Strategy, the goal of ‘waste neutrality’ is gaining increasing recognition in the construction industry. This has generated a growing need for a clear definition and an industry standard. The Net Waste Method aims to provide this standard, and allow clients and contractors to demonstrate a committed approach to sustainability. It presents a real opportunity to lead by example.”

The Net Waste Method (Download: PDF) will measure progress towards waste neutrality on a construction project by considering both the value of reused and recycled materials going into the works, and the value of waste materials coming out. The focus on value helps contractors identify priorities for action and offers industry an opportunity to reduce costs and increase profits through waste reduction and improved site waste management. This approach will also enable clients to assess the business case for becoming waste neutral.

With the construction industry one of the biggest contributors to waste generation this tool should provide a ‘commercial and environmental’ understanding of the impact of recycled materials and cost of waste.


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