The first World Clean Energy Awards

The World Clean Energy Awards will take place in a different country
each year, with the inaugural 2007 ceremony being held in Switzerland.
The winners of the World Clean Energy Awards set new standards for the
large-scale use of clean energy solutions.

The following individuals were honoured at the 2007 ceremony:

award winners 2007 with the hosts of the evening: Tanja Gutmann, Roger
Cahn, Li Zhaoqian, Russell deLucia, Josefin Wangel, Robert Gough,
Sultan Al Jaber, Srinivasan Padmanaban, Fredrick Ouko, Patrick Spears,
Anandi Sharan, Bryan Willson, Kati Rutz

Construction (new buildings, urban development, renovation)
Josefin Wangel, Communications Officer, with Hammarby Sjöstad Sustainable City,
Sweden. Resource consumption in this new area of Stockholm, which is
home to 25,000 people, is at least 50% lower than the current standard
for comparable new developments.

Transport and Mobility
Bryan Willson, Chief Technical Advisor, with the Philippine Two-Stroke Engine Retrofit Project,
USA . The Envirofit company has developed a retrofitting kit for
two-stroke engines, which are found everywhere in the Philippines. The
kit improves fuel-efficiency and thus massively reduces greenhouse gas
and toxic emissions.

Products (agriculture, mining, industry, utilities)
Fredrick Ouko, Director, with the Simple Solar Assembling Project in Kibera Slum,
Kenya. The assembly of solar cells in one of Africa’s biggest slums has
provided inhabitants not only with work, but also with clean energy.
The project was also awarded with the “Faktor 4” audiance award.

Services, Trade and Marketing
Srinivasan Padmanaban, Project Manager, with the Green Business Center and Water Energy Nexus Activity,
India. India’s leading centre for energy, the environment and climate
change supports “green” concepts for improving energy efficiency and
sustainable development.

Finance and Investment
Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, CEO Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, with the Masdar Initiative,
United Arab Emirates. As a first among the world’s oil-producing
nations, the United Arab Emirates, launched the Abu Dhabi-based
billion-dollar Masdar Initiative to promote renewable energies.

Policy and Lawmaking
Li Zhaoqian, Mayor of Rizhao, with the project: Popularization of Clean Energy in Rizhao,
China. Home to more than three million, the city of Rizhao, north-east
of Beijing, is using a combination of incentives and legislative tools
to encourage the large-scale, efficient use of renewable energies. Over
500,000 people have already benefited directly from the scheme. In some
areas, solar thermal collectors are installed on almost every single

NGOs and Initiatives
Russell de Lucia, CEO The Small Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund, Inc. (S3IDF), with the project: “Social
Merchant Bank” – Approach to providing efficient lighting services to
poor households, communities and SMEs in southern India
provides around 5,500 people in southern India with light from a clean
energy source. More light means that people can work longer and thus
generate higher incomes. It also improves health and safety. The
project is being extended.

The Jury’s Special Award
Anandi Sharan, Project Manager, Women for Sustainable Development, with the Bagepalli CDM Biogas Project,
India. The project is introducing biogas cookers as a substitute for
India’s traditional cooking methods, which use non-renewable sources of
energy. Under the Kyoto Protocol, the greenhouse gas emissions that the
project saves can then be sold in the form of certificates.

The Jury’s Special Award for Courage
Patrick Spears (President) and Robert Gough (Secretary), Intertribal COUP, with the Intertribal COUP/Rosebud Sioux Environmental Justice Revitalization Project: Tribal Wind Power Demonstration Project Plan,
USA. The Sioux are investing in wind power. In doing so, they are
generating clean energy, creating jobs and earning income for the
tribe. This is happening in an environment which presents many
obstacles to the development of renewable energies.


One thought on “The first World Clean Energy Awards

  1. I am very impressed with all the latest research and success in geothermal technology–tapping into the earths natural resources to heat and cool your home and even pools makes sense to me.

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