Stanford Business School Gets in on the Sustainability Action

The ME222: Design for Sustainability program at Stanford has a blog on of its own. The authors blog about the new Stanford 5-day course in “business strategy and sustainability”.

A month ago, Stanford Business School announced that it would begin a new program dealing with sustainability and corporate responsibility. This new initiative, called the “Business Strategies for Environmental Sustainability Executive Program” will consist of 5-day workshop to be offered in the fall at the Stanford Sierra conference center, located on Lake Tahoe (perhaps to inspire some appreciation for natural resources?). The workshop is targeted at senior executives of private, public and non-profit organizations

Faculty director William Barnett had this to say about the motivation behind the program:

Today, environmental sustainability has become an objective both in our public policies and our business strategies. Consequently, best practice in environmental sustainability needs to be understood by business executives, environmental activists, public administrators, and regulators alike. The goal of our program is to bring together executives from each of these worlds, to expose them to state-of-the-art knowledge on environmental sustainability in business, and to facilitate their learning from one another. The program aims to be a watershed event in each participant’s career, accelerating the development of those who will shape tomorrow’s sustainable business and public policies


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