India, the world is Watching

The significance India will have on the the world in the future will be extraordinary, we’ve only scratched the surface. The thing that remains to be seen is the importance green business has in India. Tackling mass poverty is the first thing that is happening, and it should be the first thing that the country emphasizes. India will be an economic powerhouse, and could be a leader in green business if they choose to be. The direction that business takes in India will have massive impact on the world. If business leaders there recognize the vast potential that green business has, and then decide to invest time, money, and effort, the world would only benefit. India is in a very unique position right now, they could either lead the world, or potentially aid in its destruction.

India, the world is watching. What’s your next move?

Source: Future of Business via Digg


One thought on “India, the world is Watching

  1. yes, i think india is in better position compare with others. but, to emerge as the leader indian need to to control its population. once population is under control india can lead in all aspects be social , economical or gree business or carbon trading. way to go india

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