IBM tackles energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the best ways to deal with the energy and carbon issue. It provides a long term solution, decreases demand on a per unit basis, decreases costs and resources and brings about conservation.

In March; IBM announced that it would use its considerable resources and expertise in  tackling the environmental area. Now, NYTimes reports that IBM is tackling the energy efficiency of data centres – it’s own and for others.

I.B.M. is beginning a $1-billion-a-year investment program intended to double the energy efficiency of its computer data centers and those of its corporate customers

By 2010, I.B.M. plans to double the computing capacity of its hundreds of data centers worldwide without increasing power consumption, by using an array of hardware, software and services. These include a new cooling system that stores energy and chills the data center only as needed; software to increase the use of computers and automatically switch them to standby mode when not needed; and 3-D modeling and thermal engineering techniques to optimize the air flow through data centers.

The rise of Internet computing is behind the rapid growth of data centers and the increase in energy use. The number of server computers in data centers has increased sixfold, to 30 million, in the last decade, and each more powerful machine burns far more electricity than earlier models.

With reports that the computers around the world are responsible for 2% of carbon
emissions in the world, equal to the aviation industry there will be more companies interested in this. In fact, there are reports that Google and others are buying up land near Hydro electric projects in the US to construct data centres and utilise the cheap energy is a clear trend that there is a demand out there for these kind of services.

IBM has the technology, innovation in hardware & software and consulting services to make this happen.


One thought on “IBM tackles energy efficiency

  1. Its a good move by the softare gaint. I like to see this happening with the India/China IT corporations. Sometimes small things like shutting down the computers after day’s work rather than putting them on sleep will save lot of energy.

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