2007 Socially Responsible Business Plan Awards

Aram Kang from WRI reports on on NextBillion.com on William James Foundation’s 4th Annual Socially Responsible Business Plan Competition.

Third place was awarded to EcoMisha, an environmental consulting service for individuals who want to make lifestyle changes that benefit the environment. Part of the business is to approach companies to include such consulting services into employees’ wellness packages, similar to a gym membership. Targeting the lifestyle transformation sector is no easy task, and I was encouraged to see an innovative model such as EcoMisha’s.

Winning second place was Rethos.com, an online social networking platform for individuals, nonprofit organizations and corporations interested in social and environmental issues. With its unique design and model, Rethos.com offers an online platform that distinguishes itself from all the others that exist today (check out the website).

Natural Capital took the gold that evening with plans to build near-zero-net-energy homes in urban St. Louis. Incorporating design elements that utilize nature’s capacity to heat and cool as well as materials that have low impact on the environment, the model brings energy efficiency and sustainability to traditional urban renewal projects. I hope that the people from Architecture for Humanity and the Open Architecture Network take note of this laudable project.

I think the environmental consultancy idea is innovative for its social aspects.

Also, check out some good resources at at the William James Foundation.


One thought on “2007 Socially Responsible Business Plan Awards

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