Open a Window

So open a window. Open the windows of your home, of your car, the bus, the train, the place where you work. Reconnect with the outside world again, not just to slow disease. Go beyond the city limits and remember the way man had lived for more than a hundred thousand years. Go beyond the forest and try to find a place where no human traces exist. It may feel “foreign” at first, but then again we must ask why it should feel foreign in the first place.

Sustainability Theory Dharma


One thought on “Open a Window

  1. Hi Suhit,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your thoughtful comments.

    Nice detective work.

    Yes, I am from Australia. Sydney, to be exact, but I live in Japan right now. I do not post too much personal information due to privacy reasons.

    Anyway, I will follow your blog and talk more later later.

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