BCA’s Strategic Framework for Emissions Reduction

The Business Council of Australia‘s Climate Policy supports a ‘cap and trade’ emission system for Carbon in Australia. In January, we discussed a PWC report called “Carbon Conscious” where the survey suggested that 78% of the respondents wanted a regulated rather than voluntary carbon traded system. The support is seen in the climate policy of BCA now.

The BCA’s Strategic Framework for Emissions Reduction (Download: PDF) acknowledges the need for a long term policy to combat the problem. In fact, they are very realistic in their assessment that to transition from the current high-carbon economy to a low-carbon one will not be easy and will carry a economic cost. However, not doing so has it own associated costs.

Even though a global trading system for Carbon is the ideal situation; Australia should develop its own cap-trade system which will initially run for at least 30 years to remove uncertainty for investors and create a market where the cheapest abatement technology will win.

The introduction provides a clear sense of what the business world in Australia understands and the need for the government to move in. This document will be a great step forward for Australia’s Low-Carbon future.


One thought on “BCA’s Strategic Framework for Emissions Reduction

  1. Reducing GHG emissions by large corporations is sure encouraging. If, though, we have gone too far, reduction is futile. We may end up in an Apollo 13 position where the command module turns into a life boat: all technology is scrambled to maintain life and the mission abandoned. We will be reversing technology to maintain life on Earth and the assumptions of the consumer species, abandoned. Earth “just turned into a life boat” will be the slogan and it will also be nail-biting.

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