Reader Survey : WorldisGreen’s Direction

Jag commented last week on the content of this weblog.

Lately your blog is becoming like a ‘News Feed’ than a blog. I like to see more of your thoughts and less of news. I guess there are other sources for that. I hope this is understood in positive note.

I think he has a valid point. Thanks for the feedback, Jag.

This is what I think.

There could be many roles for the blog. This blog will have a life if it provides a unique experience for my readers. When I started the blog my goal was to learn and connect. By writing on the blog I had a chance to understand the sustainability issues better and provide an opportunity to connect to like minded people.

Now that I have spent 3+ months on this blog it is time to have a rethink. To understand my readers better I am conducting a Poll. The following options are available on the Poll.

Please understand that this poll is to find what would like to see more of of the following. If you want more original content, or more of editorial content etc.

Original Content
One role for the blog is to provide some original content. The idea is to connect to new ideas, my experience and thoughts on some specific issues and may be some interviews.

Editorial Content

Second, the role of a editor.

I will select two to three articles everyday which I think are important, provide a excerpt and comment if needed. The idea is that my readers are busy people who may not check out all the green news for the day.

Link Log

In this role, the important part will be the selection of articles, audio and video content for my readers. You can find the current log on the right pane on the website or check out the new World is Green Links website.

Lastly, if you find the current combination is fine, just tell me so. If you any other ideas, please comment below.

I would like to hear from my readers what is that they are looking for. The poll will run for 2 weeks starting today.

The question is “What would you like more on this blog?”

You can check out the poll on the website or RSS and e-mail readers, click on this link.


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