IBM Goes Green

The largest corporations in the world are seeing the benefits of going green. Most are thinking of internal and external opportunities. Cnet reports that (Hat Tip: Green Options) IBM is using its consulting services, internal experiences, technology tools and R & D to develop solutions in the environmental area.

The computing and consulting giant is building up a business to chase “green dollars,” or money spent by corporations that are looking to conserve natural resources and reduce waste.

“From an overall business opportunity perspective, this is absolutely huge, though I couldn’t put my finger on how big now,” said Sharon Nunes, the vice president in charge of developing the Big Green Innovations business. “I don’t think we know truthfully all the problems that are to be solved.”

Big Green Innovations was the brainchild of Innovation Jam, IBM’s companywide online brainstorming sessions that occurred over two three-day periods last year.

“There is a demand for people to understand how to account for carbon, how to reduce energy usage, because IBM’s already done a tremendous job internally,” Davies said. “I haven’t seen too many people offering services focused on how you do this on the ground.”

An obvious application for that internal experience would be consulting services that address pressing environmental problems such as water use and energy management. Longer term, IBM is seeking to apply its expertise in materials to improve water purification and solar photovoltaic cells.

In my work I face data and IT issues daily dealing with reduction of energy, waste and water. A company like IBM has all the right resources to merge all of these together to create a great new source of revenue.


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