Charting the New Course

The 2007 Melbourne Financial Services Symposium held this week was charting a new course for new frameworks and business models important to the industry and specifically to the superannuation sector.

The Keynote speaker (Beyond Sustainability Screens: Doing The Numbers) wGeoff Wellsas Geoff Wells, Managing Director of Imperative Plus, a Sustainability Consultancy based in Adelaide. I have known Geoff for more than a year now and he has immense understanding of the sustainability sector and its implications for business. He has been kind enough to guide me to understand and learn the important concepts and tools in this area. Most importantly, the tools developed by Geoff help to integrate the new sustainability issues within the existing financial and strategic frameworks of corporations.

Environmental Management News has more:

Traditional finance models can be distorted by their inability to model the impacts of environmental and social financial factors, he said.

“The financial implications can be dramatic, in some cases current values are shown by Value-Based Sustainability Management to be as much as 100% over- or under-valued,” Wells said.

“All businesses face the new sustainability challenges, especially now with the emerging impact of climate change,” he said.

“Companies have a choice; to be out in front by learning and applying the new sustainability techniques, or to be left behind.”


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