VCs and Green Policy

Todd Woody on the Green Wombat writes about the increasing role of Venture Capitalists in the lobbying for a better policy in Washington.

The discussion these days is about how Silicon Valley venture capitalists can replicate in Washington, D.C., their behind-the-scenes success in getting California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to enact the nation’s first greenhouse gas emissions cap.

“Suddenly, the venture capital industry has become so involved. This is critical because to a very large extent these are policy-driven markets,” said Christopher Flavin, president of the Worldwatch Institute, a non-profit environmental research organization based in Washington. “I’ve been surprised at just how aggressive and assertive leaders in the venture capitalist community in California are. I’ve been at a number of meetings with venture capitalists where I thought I was talking to someone from Greenpeace. They’re aggressive and willing to go knock on doors. Some of my environmentalist colleagues in Washington seem conservative compared to some VCs. We may be at some kind of tipping point.”


One thought on “VCs and Green Policy

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