Australia to ban incandescent bulbs

Australia became the world’s first country to ban the use of incandescent bulbs within the next 3 years.

By 2009, Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull told local radio, “you simply won’t be able to buy incandescent lightbulbs, because they won’t meet the energy standard.”

Legislation to gradually restrict the sale of the old-style bulbs could reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by 4 million tons by 2012 and cut household power bills by up to 66 percent, said Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Australia is not the only place looking to replace them with fluorescent lighting, which is more efficient and longer lasting.

Last month, a California assemblyman announced he would propose a bill to ban the use of incandescent bulbs in his state. And a New Jersey lawmaker has called for the state to switch to fluorescent lighting in government buildings within three years.

Cuba’s Fidel Castro launched a similar program two years ago, sending youth brigades into homes and switching out regular bulbs for energy-saving ones to help battle electrical blackouts around the island.

“It is a good, positive step. But it is a very small step. It needs to be followed through with a lot of different measures,” Australian Conservation Foundation spokesman Josh Meadows told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio.


One thought on “Australia to ban incandescent bulbs

  1. I am in favour of CFLs not incandescent bulbs.I know the true fact that it contains mercury but if you take enough care of recycling we can save more electricity and coal.and can reduce carbon emission level.

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