Sustainability Principles by Paul Sheldon

Paul Sheldon from the Presidio School of Management talks about the sustainability principles that they use in the Sustainable MBA from Presidio.

Many MBA schools are struggling to understand how to incorporate sustainability issues, strategies and principles in their courses. Paul suggests the following principles that Presidio uses to incorporate into their program.

1. Radical Resource Efficiency: Radically increase the productivity with which all resources are used, including energy, water, materials and people. The growing number of profitable solutions to environmental challenges can buy the time needed to implement measures that will go beyond mere compliance to attain true sustainability.

2. Design for Sustainability: Such innovative design processes as biomimicry, cradle to cradle and other forms of “green” design enable businesses to harness nature’s wisdom to drive innovation. These approaches allow us to create systems that eliminate waste and toxics while delivering superior products and services.

3. Manage for Prosperity and Sustainability: Employ the emerging practice of Sustainable Management to restore, enhance and sustain the natural and human capital needed for continuing financial prosperity.*

He concludes:

Sustainability also offers today’s business leaders an opportunity to develop meaningful work — work that people really care about, in ways that integrate radical resource efficiency, the redesign of every product and process with nature in mind, and in ways that restore financial, cultural, and natural heritage through profitable business ventures.


One thought on “Sustainability Principles by Paul Sheldon

  1. “an opportunity to develop meaningful work”- for those searching for career direction no better reason could be cited to look into the area of sustainability.

    Doing something that matters (something which you can care about deeply)
    Doing it profitably.

    Good enough reasons for me.

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