Turning the Ship

The Harvard University Graduate School of Design and The Clark Group are hosting a online dialogue with thought leaders from a variety of disciplines to explore the on-going environmental transformation of the U.S. Economy. They call it “Turning the Ship”, an Environmental Transformation of the U.S. Economy. The blog is hosted at GreenBiz.com, the premier source of sustainability and business information.

The schedule is the following:

Week 1 – The Green Wave, Week 2 – Sustainable Purchasing, Week 3 – Sustainable Finance, Week 4 – Sustainable Manufacturing, Week 5 – Sustainable Infrastructure and on March 13, the Roundtable discussion.

In the opening blog post, Brian Kuehl, a Harvard Leo Fellow and Partner at The Clark Group, compares the sustainability challenge with what America faced at the time of World War II.

He acknowledges the greater recognition of sustainability issues,

And while climate change has become the most widely discussed example of unsustainability, it is only one example. From the depletion of ocean fisheries, to the loss of the rainforests, to drawdown of fresh-water aquifers, many significant regional and global environmental challenges have gained greater public recognition in recent years.

And the shift in US Businesses,

This shift in awareness can be readily seen in the responses of major American companies. From Wal-Mart’s sustainability initiative, to Home Depot’s embrace of FSC lumber, to GE’s Ecomagination, to the coalition of major U.S. businesses that last month called for caps on carbon dioxide emissions, a green wave is clearly moving through U.S. business.

He says,

The online dialogue will explore the market forces that are already driving change and the tools that companies are using to become more sustainable. For the next five weeks, this blog will host short articles by some of the world’s leading thinkers on a series of topics relating to the environmental transformation of the U.S. economy.

WorldisGreen.com will follow the dialogue all through the coming five weeks and hopefully more organizations will realise the opportunity present in solving the ‘sustainability’ problem.


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