DUMP Awards

Waste is a serious issue and excessive packaging of products is a major one. Packaging increases the space required to transport goods, is a waste by itself and is dumped theDUMP Logo minute the product is opened. Companies responsible for excessive packaging are not only creating waste but are losing an opportunity to increase efficiencies across the supply chain and increase their resource efficiency.

Apart from this it increases a great pressure on the public and government to cater to recycling.

To deal with this issue Environment Victoria started the DUMP Awards for the worst offenders in packaging.

Dump report author and Environment Victoria’s Zero Waste campaign director Jenny Henty said the companies were ignoring environmental guidelines.

“Manufacturers would be hard-pressed to come up with worse products for reuse, easy recycling or waste minimisation if they tried,” she said. “Australian consumers are trying to do the right thing at the supermarket, such as reusing green bags and embracing recycling, but are not being helped by excessive packaging, poor design and misleading recycling instructions.”

The award winners were:

  • Safeway and Coles supermarkets for “unnecessarily” packing fruit and vegetables (People’s Choice Award);
  • Smith’s Stax for packaging which displays three different and confusing disposal messages, including a graphic of rubbish bin with the instruction `feed me’ and elsewhere a `please recycle’ instruction (Misleading Labelling);
  • Seakist Lunch Kit for the pack that features seven different small packaging parts (Likely to be Littered);
  • Nescafe for its Short Black coffee jar, featuring smoky-coloured glass, which will be rejected for recycling, and a lid containing two different plastics (Going Backwards); and
  • Six beverage companies for covering plastic and glass bottles in printed plastic sleeves, which contaminate recycling. They are Tetley Australia, P & N Beverages Australia, Berri, L-Z Enterprises, National Foods, Parmalat Australia Ltd (Design for Recycling Award).

This is a great step forward to make people and companies aware of the need to creative effective packaging and designing for better recycling.


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