Andrew Dickson : Climate Messenger

When Al Gore released his documentary An Inconvenient Truth” in Australia I, along with other green guys, arranged for a exclusive screening for our company employees. One goal was to increase people’s understanding of climate change. The response was amazing, some 200 people attended and the theatre was full!

Al Gore decided to take this forward with this Climate Project where he aimed to train 1000 people to spread the message on climate change. In Australia some 85 people were trained and 9 from South Australia. Andrew Dickson, Development Manager at Wind Prospect Australia.

Along with my boss we attended a presentation by him at Regency Park today. Using the same slides used by Al Gore in the movie he explained the causes of climate change to a 20 something lunch-time audience.

The main differences between this one and Gore’s was that one, it concentrated a little more on Australia and two, it talked a little on solutions. Gore’s original felt like a abrupt end to the problem and you come out with a feeling of ‘doom and gloom’. Despair makes people inactive. This presentation was different highlighting the need for some solutions.

I think the climate change debate has changed a lot in the past year. In the future these same people can evolve into talking about solutions rather than the problem and then we can see a more positive effect of these messengers.

At the end, people like Andrew need to thanked for taking the time to spread this important message. It would have been good if I had taken a photo of him; may be next time.

Interestingly, Al Gore wrote the Foreword to WorldChanging book for which I had the chance to contribute to writing on Micro-finance.


One thought on “Andrew Dickson : Climate Messenger

  1. Wow, Suhit, I didn’t realize you contributed to the WC book. That’s great. And this is a great blog!

    I’m writing from San Francisco. And I can’t seem to find your email address, so I’m going to leave a comment on your blog– feel free to simply keep it.

    I work for You may know us for the US City Rankings:, an annual studying benchmarking the 50 most populous cities across 14 sectors of sustainable criteria.

    We recently launched a sustainability best practices knowledge base for state and local government officials, as well as environmental government consultants. Basically, any government offiicial can sign up for free and one need not even upload a best practice, in order to read and browse other best practices. Every US city over 700,000 in population has signed up with Almost 200 cities, states, and counties have joined, and we have upwards of 100 best practices now.

    SustainLane is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing sustainability. Basically, we’re a facilitator of a best practices exchange. You can register and upload your best practices for free. And you get to share information, getting what you need much faster and cheaper.

    Since I’m a admirer of your blog, I’d love to know what you think of How you think it could be better? How you see the dialogue around sustainability shifting and shaping public policy?

    I would also love to see this discussion take place in one of your blog posts.


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